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Please complete the form as accurately as possible to ensure prompt and correct service. Contact the Member Services Department as soon as possible to apply for service.
Service Information
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Load Breakdown
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Service Characteristics
*Total Square Feet of Building:
Of the total square feet, how many are electrically heated?
*Electrically Heated Square Feet:
*Desired Service Type:
*Preferred Meter Location:
*Conductor Size:
*Conductor Type:
*Number of Runs:
*Conduit Size:
*Expected Date of Temporary Service:    (MM/DD/YYYY)
*Expected Date of Permanent Service:    (MM/DD/YYYY)
*Desired Service Characteristics:
*Wire Configuration:
*Main Breaker Rated (Amps):
*Number of Meters Desired:
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Contact Information
Point of Contact
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Electrical Contractor
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Project Engineer
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Please attach a copy of the site plan showing the desired cut-in location and riser diagrams.
Site Plan:

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